A cake or gift box for every occasion

How it Works

Using premium ingredients and creative design, a cake or giftbox from Staci Bakes helps you show your
loved one how much they mean to you.

Say it with a Gift Box

Perfect for any occasion or to send as a gift. A Staci Bakes gift box has a variety of flavours and servings making it a fantastic memory making option.

Limited Time Flavour

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Classic Flavours

About Staci Bakes

Whether you are sending a gift, celebrating a special occasion or just looking to spend time together with friends and family we will bake a sweet treat to enrich the memories.

We want to add a sprinkle of joy and happiness to you and the people you care about by delivering delicious and creative baked goods.

Our commitment to quality will never change. It starts and ends with using the best ingredients locally and from around the world, prepared by people with passion.