Our Story

At Staci Bakes
we pay attention to every detail

Simple Baking

At Staci bakes we are into fun and creative baking. We want our recipes and designs to enrich your celebrations and memories together. We have decided to do something drastic and keep it simple. Amazing cakes, cupcakes and dessert gift boxes. That’s it!

Top Notch Toppings & Ingredients

We use only the highest quality Callebaut Chocolate, then melt it down to pour and drizzle it over our cakes and cupcakes. We source the prettiest sprinkles from around North America to give our baked goods that special look. And our buttercream? We’re kinda into our butter cream! Fresh Ontario butter whipped up daily to create a not too sweet, fluffy melt in your mouth buttercream.

Our Giftboxes

We have an obsession with gift boxes. Each one is unique and personalized to fit your order. They will be constantly changing throughout the year. They are great to send to anyone and everyone! Heck, you can even order one for yourself!

Our Cakes

Simple, fun and creative. Our cakes are made to be the center of attention. We put our hearts into every detail of each design, whether it be a simple cake or a cake for a special occasion.

Our Cupcakes

Our cupcakes are big, pretty and delicious just like your grandma use to make.