Our Story

Lets go on a journey together...

It starts with our customers… Like you, we love great-tasting desserts. Yet the local bakery seems like a dying breed. We want to do our small part to provide a local, fun bakery where you can get amazing baked desserts!

Baking for us is a passion. That is why we opened our bakery in the middle of the pandemic! (Crazy right, lol!) Our goal has always been to create unique baked goods not found in the marketplace.

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Our bakery is meant to be a warm and open-concept kitchen. This is so you can see, smell, taste and feel your senses being overloaded with the happiness of baked goods and people. It’s part of our baking memories mission.

Cracking eggs, creaming butter & sugar, mixing flour and stirring in our secret ingredients … We want you to experience it all with us.


Our Mission

Connecting friends and family over delicious desserts.

#Baking Memories

Staci Bakes started as a dream to offer our style of cakes, cupcakes, sweet stamps, gift boxes, cookies, and delicious buttercreams. It was meant to offer you something different. To our delight, they have been a huge hit since we opened our doors.

Community * Passion * Excellence * Teamwork & Respect * Baking Memories * Authenticity

Our Vision

We aim to become a leader in the bakery category, by listening to and building lasting relationships with our customers.

Our oven is constantly brimming with fresh-baked dessert ideas and we have ambitious plans to ensure we are your reliable go-to dessert bakery for many years to come!